Timelines of History Vol 10: 1891-1899

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His history of the Alaska cod fishery includes descriptions of the fishing effort and San Francisco curing plants, as well as catch statistics and several photographs. Document No. XXVI, for Summary of findings and discoveries by the Alaska Salmon Commission investigation in Grantham, Anjuli.

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Grinnell, Charles Bird. Observations from the Harriman Expedition to Alaska on the salmon resource, canning industry, wastage, Alaska Native uses, and lack of industry regulation. Hubbs, Carl L. Investigation commissioned by Secretary of Interior Harold Ickes prior to the transfer of control of U. This 1,page report contains numerous interviews with persons associated with Alaska fisheries.

UAF has a digital copy. Hunt, William R. History of Marine Hatcheries of Alaska. Fairbanks: Alaska Sea grant Program, , 45 pp. Jones, E. Report of Alaska Investigations in Jones travelled from Southeast Alaska to the Pribilof Islands and offers a variety of observations on the fishing and fur seal industries.

Preliminary Report of the Alaska Salmon Commission. Washington: GPO, , 37 pp. Kallenberg, Robert C. A review of the establishment of canneries in the Bristol Bay region, development of regulations following the White Act , and impacts of the fishery on local communities. Anchorage, Alaska Historical Society, pp. History of a short-lived king salmon fishery for the mild-cured salted market in Germany. The fishery ended with the beginning of World War I, but its legacy stretched to the end of the century.

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Anchorage: Alaska Historical Society, , pp. Knapp, Lawrence. Washington: U. Fish and Wildlife Service, , 22 pp. History of commercial and subsistence uses of salmon, mostly kings, on the Yukon River from to Knapp issued an updated report in A subsequent state report on the AYK fishery See Pennoyer, reported much different catch statistics. MacDonald, Rose M.

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Bureau of Fisheries Document No. Includes many scientific reports but also histories of fisheries, discussion of fishing techniques, and more. National in scope, digitized versions are easily searchable. Alaska Salmon Traps. Industrial salmon traps came into use in Alaska beginning in the late s. They were highly efficient but sparked controversy that fueled the statehood movement. McDonald, Marshall. Early description of the status of fisheries and a discussion of a fish trap in Wood River near present day Dillingham. Includes Dr.

Morris, William Governeur.

Moser, Jefferson F. The Salmon and Salmon Fisheries in Alaska. In his first investigation of the Alaska salmon fisheries, Moser visited Southeast Alaska, Prince William Sound, Kodiak and Unalaska but he reports on fisheries throughout the territory, including Bristol Bay. Salmon Investigations of the Steamer Albatross in the Summer of Parker, Robert, and Walter Kirkness.

The first research report of the territorial department examined the history of the Southeast Alaska troll fishery. Tagging and other data linking it with Columbia River stocks raised concern about dams on that river. Petroff, Ivan. Report on the Population, Industries, and Resources of Alaska.

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Rathbun, Richard. Fish Commission Steamer Albatross, Lieut. Tanner, U. Navy, Commanding. VIII, Washington: GPO, , 74 pp. Report by a prominent American scientist associated with the Smithsonian Institution, who traveled to Alaska on the steamer Albatross. Shiels, Archie. The state of Washington banned fish traps in and aware of similar criticism of traps in Alaska, the president of PAF, a major trap operator, raised economic and other arguments for keeping them.

Tanner, Zera Luther. Fish Commission Steamer Albatross during the Summer of Bulletin of the U. Fish Commission for A preliminary survey of the Bristol Bay region, its coastline and cod banks. Includes an early chart of the region that shows cannery locations. Report upon the Investigations of the U.

Report of the Commissioner of Fish and Fisheries for to Detailed report of two Albatross voyages: the voyage that transported several U. Taylor, Joseph E.

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Federal attempts to regulate the Alaska salmon industry in the early s from fishery reservations and then the White Act. Uses the conflict between Alaska Rep. Dan Sutherland and Commerce Secretary Herbert Hoover to examine shifting influences on conservation in the era. Wilcox, William A. The Fisheries of the Pacific Coast. Report of the United States Fishery Commission for Includes just eight pages about Alaska pp. Also includes observations about salmon salteries, herring oil, guano, and Atka mackerel.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

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Progress Report Juneau: State of Alaska, , vi, 77 pp. Includes general commercial catch statistics, an update on ongoing research, and information about recreational fisheries and game activities. Juneau: State of Alaska, , 72 pp. Brakel, Judith. Brakel interviewed 55 fishermen and others regarding their involvement in the fisheries and their relationship to place and nature.

Brown, Dennis. A Canadian perspective of the history of the Pacific Salmon Treaty and coastwise salmon resource, and controversies between the U.

Timelines of History Vol 10: 1891-1899 Timelines of History Vol 10: 1891-1899
Timelines of History Vol 10: 1891-1899 Timelines of History Vol 10: 1891-1899
Timelines of History Vol 10: 1891-1899 Timelines of History Vol 10: 1891-1899
Timelines of History Vol 10: 1891-1899 Timelines of History Vol 10: 1891-1899
Timelines of History Vol 10: 1891-1899 Timelines of History Vol 10: 1891-1899
Timelines of History Vol 10: 1891-1899 Timelines of History Vol 10: 1891-1899

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