Lore of the Ghost: The Origins of the Most Famous Ghost Stories Throughout the World

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Kee, which translates to poop, is a ghost that occupies your toilet, and must be consulted before your toilet is used and after a bad dream, as doing so will see bad luck being removed from you via your excrement. Stillborn fetuses are roasted and chanted to be a necromancer, before being covered in gold foil and placed by a shrine.

Failure to keep it entertained or happy will see their masters subjected to poltergeist-esque behaviour such as the slamming of door and the all-too-creepy sound of ghost children laughing.

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A foul-smelling ghost who appears as a normal person in the daytime, Phi Phong feeds on unpleasant foods such as frogs, forcing many to stay indoors if they hear the noises of frogs nearby for fear of bumping into him. Asia Thailand History. The 13 Most Terrifying Ghosts in Thailand. Save to Wishlist. Thailand is known around the world as the Land of Smiles, but just as prevalent as the cheery grins is the widely-held belief in ghosts. Mae Nak.

ALASKA: The Kushtaka of the Alaskan Triangle

Phi Pop. Nang Tani. Phi Am. Phi Tai Hong. Phi Lang Kluang. Phi Kee. While countless children and surely more than a few adults have tried to summon Bloody Mary using the prescribed method, to date few if any have actually succeeded. Most either stare at their scared reflection in the dark mirror or lose their nerve after saying the second "Bloody Mary" and run screaming from the bathroom in girlish giggles.

An updated version of the Bloody Mary legend was made into a horror film series "Candyman. Plays have been produced in that area for over years, and some of the world's greatest actors have appeared there. Yet one theater is better known more for its ghost than its productions. There is actually more than one ghost said to haunt Drury Lane's halls and wings, including those of several actors. The most famous, however, is a "Man in Grey" seen as a nobleman carrying a sword.

Any theater worth its salt and many that aren't reputedly have a resident ghost treading the boards, and the Drury Lane ghosts carry on their part of theater tradition. It seems that they were driving along a lonely country road one night — it was really cold, maybe up in Minnesota, or Montana. Anyway, it was snowing and as they turned a corner they saw a barefoot young girl wearing a dress and a green shawl. Of course they stopped to help her, and she got in the back seat. She didn't say much, and when they asked her where she lived, she pointed to a farmhouse in the distance.

A few minutes later, when they pulled into the driveway, she was gone! The couple were puzzled but got out of the car and knocked on the farmhouse door. A somber, grey-haired woman answered, and the couple explained that their mysterious passenger had said this was her house. In Charles Dickens' famous novel "A Christmas Carol," cold-hearted miser Ebenezer Scrooge has a change of heart after being visited by several ghosts representing different eras of his life's Christmases Past, Present, and Yet to Come.

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Ghosts are often associated with life lessons and morality tales, and these spooks are no exception. The ghosts aren't wasting time rattling chains or scaring kids; instead the Ghost of Christmas Past rehabilitates Scrooge by showing him visions of his past Christmases. Scrooge comes to appreciate the true meaning of Christmas- no, not holiday commercialism but friendship and goodwill. One day, in the early s in Hydesville, New York, a young peddler arrived at the home of a Mr.

What Is a Ghost?

Left behind are the barren, charred plot of land and a white-clad woman who wanders the area. Go ahead and run away when you see something creepy like an ethereal pack of dogs That maybe explains why so many demons were conjured in a weird underground chicken coop near a set of underground tunnels. And each time something terrible happened over the decades, it just kind of got stacked onto this nesting doll of a horror show.

Top 10 Most Famous Ghosts

This treacherous act apparently unleashed a curse on the rest of the Dudley clan, which emigrated from Guilford, England to Cornwall, Connecticut in These calamities included a series of mysterious deaths which, in turn, inspired madness and suicide among the Dudleys, several of whom disappeared into the woods never to be seen again. The remaining residents very sensibly ditched the town, which has been abandoned ever since. Why it's creepy: Samuel Chew was a respected man, a Chief Justice in the state back in the Colonial days. Where it came from: Chew was very much a real man, serving as Chief Justice of the Three Lower Counties until he died in Why it's creepy: The Everglades are filled with array of terrifying creatures: man-eating alligators, man-eating snakes, men-eating roadkill.

However, one humanlike figure has been spotted enough times to warrant elevated levels of concern: the Skunk Ape.

A relative of Bigfoot, a fully-grown Skunk Ape stands anywhere from 5 to 7 feet tall and weighs approximately pounds. They can be detected by a horrific odor that's been described as "sun-baked animal carcass" and "rotting garbage. Recently, a Skunk Ape HQ has popped up in the Everglades where you can book tours out into the swamp or reserve a spot on a hunting expedition to finally prove the hairy beast is real once and for all. Where it came from: No one can say for sure.

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  • But because its lineage can be traced back to Bigfoot, many believe it migrated south from the mountains and found refuge in the swamplands, an environment safe from humans with ample sustenance and room to roam. Others believe it's just lore, a tale pioneers created in order to scare people off their lands and preserve the wilderness. Whatever you believe, should you find yourself camping in the Everglades and you smell something foul, take caution.

    It could be the Skunk Ape. Why it's creepy: The massive man-made lake north of Atlanta is unnerving on multiple fronts, with a reputation for tragic and sometimes mysterious deaths, from a disproportionately high frequency of boating accidents and drownings to unexplained homicides. A construction crew discovered the skeleton of a woman who disappeared in , still trapped in her car at the bottom of the lake more than 30 years later, and since then people have reported sightings of a ghostly female figure on the lake's waters.

    There are even reports of malevolent catfish lurking on the bottom that's large enough to swallow a dog or even drown a diver. Where it came from: There were numerous issues with the construction of the lake, not the least of which included the displacement of families, businesses, and even cemeteries occupying the land the Army Corps of Engineers sought to develop. The vestiges of some of these structures still have a ghostly presence at the bottom of the lake , which some point to as a source of Lanier's haunted reputation.

    But, as noted above, many of the deaths go beyond simple boating accidents, leading some to believe there's something more sinister at work. Why it's creepy: Picture yourself on a scenic Hawaiian beach at night. Imagine a full moon, and a cool breeze running across the sand. But, if you hear the faint sounds of drums pounding in the distance, or see a barrage of torches out on the horizon, it could be your worst nightmare. These spirits of ancient Hawaiian warriors, dedicated to protecting the islands from all outside threats, will only spare your life if you -- reportedly -- lay face down, pee on yourself in submission, or if miraculously share a bloodline with one of the warriors.

    Good luck peeing on yourself, tourist! In Hawaiian tradition, the night marchers' role in life was to protect sacred members of the community. In modern times, their spirits have been reported all throughout the islands , mainly at the sites of sacrificial temples and other sacred grounds. Oh, and the decidedly corporate Davies Pacific Center building in downtown Honolulu.

    REAL Ghost Stories of the RMS Queen Mary - THG Halloween Special

    Apparently, they still protect the island from outsiders -- and if you buy into the legend, they always will. As with many of the best urban legends, you have to do your part to get her attention: In this case it involves parking between certain trees in the cemetery at night. Why it's creepy: An elaborate marble statue of a woman in a wedding dress is bound to stand out in a cemetery as it is, but that's not what's driven The Italian Bride to be a subject of local fascination. Upon closer inspection, there is an actual photo plaque on the gravesite of a woman in a casket, looking perfectly preserved even though, as an inscription notes, the photo was taken six years after burial after the body was exhumed.

    Reports of unusual activity cover everything from the smell of fresh flowers near the gravesite in the dead of winter to the ghostly figure of a woman in white roaming the cemetery or the halls of nearby Proviso West High School in the dead of night. Where it came from: In , recently married Julia Buccola Petta died in childbirth and was buried in her wedding dress. Legend has it her mother immediately began experiencing nightmares that Julia was demanding her grave be reopened.

    The source of the distress varies depending on the storyteller, often relating to some sort of discontent with Julia's new husband, but what isn't in dispute is that six years later the mother got her wish and Julia's pristine condition inspired her to raise funds for the statue that's been creeping out generations ever since.

    Why it's creepy: Along the shores of Lake Michigan, fishermen, vacationers, and other passersby have reported sightings of Diana, a ghostly nude female apparition floating along the shoreline and eventually disappearing into the water without a trace. Where it came from: Fishermen first started reporting the sightings of a woman skinny dipping in the waters off Indiana's Lake Michigan coastline in -- and that's because Alice Gray, the source of the Diana legend, was still very much alive at that point.

    The exact circumstances that caused her to live a reclusive life in a lakeside shack aren't entirely clear, but the years that followed saw her marry a man who later became a murder suspect , and then die an early death, allegedly from uremic poisoning. Her ghostly presence has been a subject of local lore ever since. Why it's creepy: Umm, what part of "ax murder house" don't you understand? Where it came from: So, the murders themselves are very much NOT an urban legend. They happened.



    And they remain unsolved. Sometime between the evening of June 9, and the morning that followed, six members of the Moore family and two houseguests were brutally murdered, with each victim having suffered an axe wound to the head. One suspect was tried twice and never convicted. Surprising no one, the somehow still standing house is the subject of numerous rumors, legends, and reports of paranormal activity. You can find out for yourself, because you can actually stay there , just like the ghost hunter who mysteriously stabbed himself in the chest there in Why it's creepy: The tiny town of Stull has counted very few residents since it was founded in The most famous is rumored to be Lucifer himself, who some say appears at the town cemetery on Halloween and spring equinox.

    They say he uses the site where a roofless church once stood as a portal to and from Hell. Either way, new graves continue to be dug, despite signs warning against trespassers, perhaps referring directly to the Prince of Darkness himself or the cults that are rumored to flock to the grounds.

    Where it came from: The first published article about the horrors are traced back to a article in the University Daily Kansan , though whispers about evil have persisted since or so. In , the "hanging tree" was torn down to stop people from visiting. Why it's creepy: Just looking at the pictures of young Mary Evelyn Ford's grave feels a bit unnerving, with a series of interlocking white crosses forming a fence around a pit of gravel and the bars appearing unnaturally bent in some places. Then you hear the alleged backstory -- a mother and daughter both accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake in , with the mothers charred remains being carried to a far-off location while the daughter was buried in a steel-lined coffin covered in stone and encased in crosses to prevent her escape.

    Lore of the Ghost: The Origins of the Most Famous Ghost Stories Throughout the World Lore of the Ghost: The Origins of the Most Famous Ghost Stories Throughout the World
    Lore of the Ghost: The Origins of the Most Famous Ghost Stories Throughout the World Lore of the Ghost: The Origins of the Most Famous Ghost Stories Throughout the World
    Lore of the Ghost: The Origins of the Most Famous Ghost Stories Throughout the World Lore of the Ghost: The Origins of the Most Famous Ghost Stories Throughout the World
    Lore of the Ghost: The Origins of the Most Famous Ghost Stories Throughout the World Lore of the Ghost: The Origins of the Most Famous Ghost Stories Throughout the World
    Lore of the Ghost: The Origins of the Most Famous Ghost Stories Throughout the World Lore of the Ghost: The Origins of the Most Famous Ghost Stories Throughout the World

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