German Pinscher (Comprehensive Owners Guide)

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The Miniature Pinscher was developed in Germany several hundred years ago. It is most likely that the Miniature Pinscher has a similar appearance to the Doberman because both breeds were originally developed from the German Pinscher.

The Miniature Pinscher was bred, like many other European small breeds, to serve as a hunter of small vermin game such as rats. Miniature Pinschers were largely a German bred animal until the end of the First World War when the breed began to see an interest in the Scandinavian countries in The first breed standard was created in and on its revision in the s, all references to its Doberman-like appearance were dropped.

GERMAN PINSCHER Dog Breed Info And Facts - Temperament And Aggressive With Training Tips

Miniature Pinschers are intelligent animals and are eager to please their masters. Very popular in competitive obedience, the Miniature Pinscher is a very trainable little dog. Miniature Pinscher Recommended for: Families requires an experienced handler.

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Maintenance Level: Medium-high. Lifespan: years. Temperament: Active, intelligent. Health Risk: High probability of health issues during its lifetime, hence it is one of the more expensive breeds to insure. Is this breed right for you? Try our breed selector quiz to find out your best matching breed! Claim paid in 24hrs. Amazing service! Claims process is fantastic!

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Peace of mind. Friendly staff. One of the best insurers I have dealt with. Very surprised at how much we saved. Has been a lifesaver! Would not be without it. Fast, efficient claims process. This is a disease that will occur in Miniature Pinschers and can lead to blindness. Some of these may have recently been re-formed from the German Pinscher and marketed as rare breeds for those seeking unique pets.

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A well-bred German Pinscher will be a loving companion with an even temperament. Temperament is hereditary [ citation needed ]. When considering adding a German Pinscher to a family, it is advised to be able to meet and touch the mother of the puppy you are offered. German Pinschers are generally friendly dogs. They are highly intelligent, quick learners who do not enjoy repetition in training.

A well-bred German Pinscher can be trusted with small animals and children, though no dog should ever be left unsupervised with either.

If the puppy shies away when faced with strangers, it may be a sign of poor breeding. German Pinschers are very energetic working dogs, in many cases requiring several hours of exercise a day. Accordingly, a large, securely fenced yard is highly recommended for anyone considering the breed as a pet. German Pinschers and water do not go well together. This breed will tolerate baths just to make their owner happy; otherwise, they shun water at all costs.

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Due to the small gene pool of the German Pinscher, breeders should health test their dogs for hereditary cataracts , hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia , von Willebrand disease , thyroid disorder, and with the increased incidences of cardiac disease [ 12 ] due to irresponsible breeding practices, German Pinschers suspect for heart issues should be removed from all breeding programs.

Template:German dogs. German Pinscher. The German Pinscher is a very active, high energy dog and requires daily exercise. He is a dog who loves to have a job to do and the breed excels in several areas, including: Obedience, Tracking, Agility, Service and Show Dogs. The German Pinscher is a medium sized dog with an elegant appearance.

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  8. He has a strong square build, is muscular and powerful. His coat is short and dense with a healthy gloss.

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    His colour may range from fawn to stag red, and black with tan markings. Like all breeds of dogs, the German Pinscher is susceptible to certain health problems, including:. If you are considering the adoption of a German Pinscher puppy, or any breed, it is very important to be selective in choosing a responsible and reputable breeder. Breeding of any dog should not be done until after they have been proven to be free of evidence of significant hereditary diseases.

    For more information on selecting a breeder, see the articles on the General Information page.

    German Pinscher (Comprehensive Owners Guide) German Pinscher (Comprehensive Owners Guide)
    German Pinscher (Comprehensive Owners Guide) German Pinscher (Comprehensive Owners Guide)
    German Pinscher (Comprehensive Owners Guide) German Pinscher (Comprehensive Owners Guide)
    German Pinscher (Comprehensive Owners Guide) German Pinscher (Comprehensive Owners Guide)
    German Pinscher (Comprehensive Owners Guide) German Pinscher (Comprehensive Owners Guide)
    German Pinscher (Comprehensive Owners Guide) German Pinscher (Comprehensive Owners Guide)

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