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Where one can find the best pizza in Naples is a topic of hot debate, but popular opinion usually comes down to one of three restaurants, all on Via dei Tribunali : Pizzeria di Matteo , Pizzeria I Decumani, and Gino Sorbillo. Expect them to be busy, and decide which one to dine at based on their hours of operation and length of queues.

Pasta is another principal dish in Neapolitan cuisine, particularly ones that pair well with seafood. Meaty Bolognese and Genovese sauces are also popular in the area.

Look out for spaghetti alla puttanesca on menus. South of Naples is Sorrento and the quaint villages along the Amalfi Coast , where olive oil and limoncello are produced. Food and wine lovers will love our shore excursion that includes visiting a local market with our Executive Chef and touring a Michelin-starred restaurant and wine cellar with a sommelier. Liguria is the region most closely associated with the Italian Riviera and the travel hotspot Cinque Terre.

Fresh, salty anchovies are a quintessential ingredient in this culinary tradition, along with pillowy focaccia, and fresh, zippy pesto. A jar of basil pesto makes a great souvenir from Cinque Terre—or even better, learn to make your own when you cruise to Cinque Terre via Portovenere with Azamara.

When you dine out in Cinque Terre or the surrounding region, begin your meal by ordering antipasti ai frutti di mare. Monterosso al Mare Monterosso is home to the best beaches in Cinque Terre, and has a resort town feel rather than the quaint atmosphere of the other villages. Corniglia Corniglia is the most difficult village to get to, and thus the quietest. If you make the hike up, reward yourself by enjoying dinner with an epic view. Ristorante La Posada is a homey hidden gem overlooking the sparkling Ligurian Sea.

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Manarola Manarola is known for its incredible views, plentiful vineyards, and historic graveyard. After your stroll, grab dinner at Enoteca Dau Cila , a romantic seaside restaurant with an intimate wine cellar. Browse itineraries here. The cuisines of Greece and Turkey have their differences, but both are part of the larger tradition of Ottoman cuisine—the food of the historic Ottoman empire which ruled the area for hundreds of years.

Turkish fare near Istanbul includes rice dishes, kofte ground, spiced meat , stuffed grape leaves, and fish. In southern Turkey, cuisine favors mezes , a collection of hot and cold small plates served at the beginning of the meal, meat kebabs, and baklava pastry for dessert. Olive oil, feta cheese, and tzatziki sauce are a few ingredients essential to the most popular Greek dishes. You can read more about the staple dishes of Greek cuisine in our Greece travel guide.

One of the best things about cruising to Greece is how easily you can get from one destination to the next—especially when it comes to the islands of Greece. Athens In Athens , order a gyro. This popular street food is a pita stuffed with meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie, as well as French fries, tomatoes, onions, and tzatziki.

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For a delicious taste of culinary history, grab yours at Bairaktaris Taverna in Monastirakiou Square. Take our word for it, and order them. In Oia, the restaurant Ambrosia serves a Santorini Fava appetizer, among other local favorites. The water views of Little Venice are wonderful, but they can be touristy and overpriced. Head a few winding streets inland if you want to dine like a local. Which voyage will you join us on? Levantine cuisine is a type of Arabian cuisine commonly associated with the historic Levant region, which includes modern-day countries like Syria, Lebanon, Jordan , Palestine, and Israel.

Like Ottoman cuisine, small plates called mezzes are integral to this fare. Meat kebabs, stuffed grape leaf rolls, and baklava are also common in both culinary traditions.

Chickpeas are a key ingredient in quintessential Levantine dishes like creamy hummus and crispy falafel. Lentils are also popular, served cold as kofta or warm in mujaddara. In Haifa, Israel, you can learn to prepare meat kebabs, grape leaf rolls, and other popular dishes during a cooking class with a local family. Food is at the heart of social life and traditions in the Mediterranean. Meals are prepared with care, using only the best ingredients. On a trip to the Med, one of the best things you can come away with is an appreciation for the important role food plays in our lives.

Your best meal in the Mediterranean could be at a renowned Michelin-starred restaurant or a tiny mom-and-pop restaurant with three tables and no frills. Take a cooking class and learn to knead flour, oil, and water until it becomes sticky dough for bread. Learn to select the freshest fish at a local market. The only question now is when and where will you join us? View the discussion thread. It should come as no surprise that the first thing on our list of seven things to do in Italy is EAT.

Italian food is one of the most beloved cuisines in Did you miss Part One of our series on French food and wine? Find it here. When you travel to France, an almost overwhelming number of delicious food and Enter your email address below for exclusive offers, updates, and news. Don't miss out! Our brochure has arrived! Request or download your very own to start planning your Azamara experience.

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Are you hungry yet? What to Eat in Spain Many delicious regional cuisines fall under the umbrella of Spanish cuisine, including Basque, Andalusian, Catalan, and Valencian. Lomo Bajo : This smaller offshoot of the meat-focused restaurant Lomo Alto serves up sandwiches that are so much more than you realized a sandwich could be.

1stclass-ltd.com/wp-content/cam/2031-blauer-haken-whatsapp.php At both restaurants, quality meats are aged slowly and cooked over coals with an almost scientific precision. What to Eat in France We love French cuisine so much, we devoted a series of five blog posts to it last year—and part two covered the cuisine of the sun-kissed South of France. Sicilian Cuisine The cuisine of Sicily has many commonalities with other Italian regional cuisines, but it also has Arabian, Greek, Spanish, and French influences. Neapolitan Cuisine Neapolitan cuisine is the food of Naples and the surrounding Campania region.

Flavorful Vacation Flavorful Vacation
Flavorful Vacation Flavorful Vacation
Flavorful Vacation Flavorful Vacation
Flavorful Vacation Flavorful Vacation
Flavorful Vacation Flavorful Vacation
Flavorful Vacation Flavorful Vacation

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