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The University Challenge Quiz Book. Steve Tribe. Barbour admonished Pat Zondervan for beginning a new company at a time "when established publishers were finding business pretty slow. One author who was discovered by Revell during the s and who became a mainstay on the company's list for nearly half a century was Vance Havner. By he had published four books with Revell.

He resigned from the prestigious pulpit of First Baptist, Charleston, and embarked on an itinerant ministry that continued virtually until his death in By then, Revell had published more than thirty of Havner's books. New AP books of general interest would now be published under the joint imprint of the two organizations, listed in Revell's catalog, and promoted and sold like regular Revell titles. In Revell purchased Appleton's hymnbook department. Revell was also the exclusive distributor for Pickering and Inglis and Inter-Varsity Barbour's most important accomplishment during the war years was to assemble the key staff who would carry Revell into the s.

In Barbour hired a new sales manager, Wilbur Davies. Two years later Barbour welcomed to the firm his son and namesake, who had just finished a tour of duty with the air force. And in he lured Frank Mead from Christian Herald to be editor in chief. William Barbour Jr. One year before the company moved to Westwood, New Jersey one of the first New York publishing companies to move to this state , Revell was surprised by the success of a book titled Mr.

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Jones, Meet the Master. Catherine Marshall, widow of Rev. Revell published the clothbound anthology in The book's reception impressed the Revell staff. It sold well in both religious and secular bookstores. When the book took off, Barbour writes, "We asked ourselves, 'Why did this happen--and how can we make it happen again? Before , according to Barbour, Revell and other Christian publishers "served primarily ministers, Sunday school teachers and active church laymen.

Jones, however, Revell "started keying in on the layman more than on the religious worker. A Methodist preacher, Charles Allen, had already contributed two books to Revell's list when God's Psychiatry appeared in During its first twenty-five years it sold nearly a million copies, many of them through the secular trade.

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Dale Rogers, a movie-star and wife of Roy Rogers, wrote Angel Unaware to tell of the blessing she and her husband had received from a child who was retarded. By Revell had sold more than a million copies of Angel Unaware and offered fourteen additional books by Dale Evans Rogers. When company president William Rinehart Barbour died in , a half-century career in publishing came to an end. As a youth he had lived with his Aunt Josephine and Uncle Fleming for seven years before they sent him, first to Mt.

After graduating from Wesleyan in , William moved to New York and went to work for Revell as a clerk. William was promoted to manager of the manufacturing department and then, in , to treasurer and a member of the board. He became president six years later, holding the post for thirty-one years.

After William Barbour Sr. One innovation of Davies' six-year tenure was the launching, in , of a line of religious mass-market paperbacks, Spire Books. About 75 percent of Spire Books came from Revell's list. The company often sold mass-market rights to paperback reprint houses, then purchased a quantity never fewer than 25, to sell to the religious trade. The general and religious editions always bore identical retail prices.

By the s Revell had a number of competitors, a fact that became clear in several ways. Though Revell had published the works of the nineteenth century's most prominent evangelist, it did not become the publisher of the greatest twentieth-century evangelist, Billy Graham. Graham was published by Zondervan, Van Kampen founded by a Graham associate , Doubleday, and Moody before signing an exclusive contract with Word in Wilbur Davies became a good friend of Herman Baker, who had founded Baker Book Store in and had begun publishing books in the s.

Baker reprinted older works, including many first published by Revell, and he always found Davies cooperative. Baker often turned to Davies for advice, and again he was not disappointed. Davies retired in and was succeeded by William Barbour. At the same time the company moved into new headquarters in Old Tappan, New Jersey. The company's three annual catalogs were filled with books by "great preachers, well-known athletes and popular Christian entertainers, businessmen, and deeply committed laymen and women in all walks of life.

Barbour established a new division of Revell during the second year of his presidency: Hewitt House. This independent division, which lasted three years, published "books of general appeal," focusing specifically on "the American family: its interests and activities, its problems and pleasures. By sales to these stores accounted for about half of the company's sales. Revell also excelled in promoting its publications.

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It was spending 9 percent of its total volume including backlist sales on advertising and promotion, and this did not include what it spent on overhead. In it established a telemarketing department to supplement the work of its traveling sales representatives. By nearly half of the best-selling clothbound religious books were Revell's.

The Total Woman was, according to Publishers Weekly, the best-selling cloth book in general bookstores in In its first four years it sold almost 3 million copies. Among other important authors first published by Revell during the s were Elisabeth Elliot, widow of martyred missionary Jim Elliot, and Francis and Edith Schaeffer. It followed with The Journals of Jim Elliot eight years later, then with six more books during the s.

Edith Schaeffer's What Is a Family? Revell's best-selling author during the past thirty-five years got her start during this era. Helen Steiner Rice wrote inspirational greeting cards for Gibson when several events made her a celebrity. One result was a book of her poems, Just for You, published by Doubleday in Rice was dissatisfied with Doubleday, however. Lovingly followed two years later. By Revell had published nine of her books and had sold 1. As Christian publishing expanded during the postwar years, it organized.

Revell mounted a display at the first CBA convention. And it became a charter member of ECPA, with Hugh and William Barbour each serving three-year terms on its board during its first eight years. Revell also began displaying at the Frankfurt Book Fair in William Barbour's career at Revell had begun in He began at Revell as a member of the sales force, then was promoted to sales manager, next to vice president and a member of the board , and then to president.

His brother Hugh was also a principal in the family business for many years, becoming executive vice president. Bruce joined Revell and became vice president of sales and marketing.

The mids were heady years for evangelicals. The national news media discovered their existence and accorded them a measure of respect. Some of the largest communications companies realized that evangelicals constituted a sizable market and that the larger Christian publishers were growing faster than secular houses. In ABC acquired Word, giving Word access to financial resources no other evangelical publisher could match. This put pressure on Revell to keep pace. At the same time Scott, Foresman and Company, a textbook publisher, decided to expand into trade publishing.

It purchased William Morrow, a general house, and in it bought Revell. Now allied with an educational publisher, Revell decided to begin publishing textbooks and reference books. The textbook program would focus on the needs of Christian schools, being established at the rate of one per day, and Bible colleges. Before these plans bore much fruit, however, SFN lost interest in trade publishing, selling Morrow in and Revell two years later. Revell's new owner was one of its chief rivals, the Zondervan Corporation. After going public in and releasing the New International Version two years later, Zondervan entered an expansionist mode. In Zondervan suffered the first of several financial setbacks, culminating in the hostile-takeover attempt by Christopher Moran.

Finishing School (The MacKay series Book 1) Finishing School (The MacKay series Book 1)
Finishing School (The MacKay series Book 1) Finishing School (The MacKay series Book 1)
Finishing School (The MacKay series Book 1) Finishing School (The MacKay series Book 1)
Finishing School (The MacKay series Book 1) Finishing School (The MacKay series Book 1)
Finishing School (The MacKay series Book 1) Finishing School (The MacKay series Book 1)

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