Übersetzung von Rechtstexten (German Edition)

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Traducir la Justicia. Granada: Comares, Urteile schreiben. Hartmann, R. Comparative Discourse Analysis in Applied Linguistics. Heidelberg: Groos. Heinemann, W. Heintschel- Heinegg, von, B. Heintschel- Heinegg, von, B; Gerhardt, P. Materielles Scheidungsrecht.

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Aranzadi: Pamplona. Lenz, M. Madsen, D.

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Nord, C. Ranieri, F. Zum historischen Hintergrund der Relationstechnik". Rechtshistorisches Journal 4: Vermeer, H. Grundlegung einer allgemeinen Translationstheorie. New approach to legal translation.

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  8. Stolze, R. Kontrastive Fachsprachenforschung. Reflections on legal translation. Wiesmann, E. Article Tools Print this article. The third part describes important aspects for the process of translation of the Polish Criminal Code, with particular attention to the legal nature of the text, its structure, situational context and the relationship with the legal system of the country, which is the necessary interpretative basis for lawyers and translators.

    The fourth part presents the results of the analysis, which are divided into the level of expression terminology and frequently occurring phrases , and also on the syntactic level.

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    It can be concluded that the translation will be intelligible to a German lawyer. However, not all intended by the legislator forms of expression were transferred. Save to Library. Den theoretischen Rahmen bildet dabei die Anthropozentrische Translatorik. Wyniki badania okulograficznego,.

    The Eye-Tracking Experimental Linguistics Laboratory conducted an eye-tracking study on the translation of German administrative acts translated into Polish, engaging a group of five participants. The aim of the study was to identify The aim of the study was to identify critical factors which may slow down the translation process and affect the quality of the translation. Research method: The study was carried out with the SMI RED eyetracker and utilized the method of dynamic areas of interest, which allowed the participants to freely move the windows on the monitor and use a PDF document, a text editor and a web browser at the same time.

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    Results: If the source-language text contained numbers and special characters, the speed of the target-language text production considerably decreased. No correlation was found between the keyboard fixation duration at the time of the target text production and the translation speed. Placing the text editor on the right-hand side of the monitor and locating both the source text and the web browser on the lefthand side of the screen helped reduce the number of unnecessary computer mouse movements. Moreover, it is necessary to develop a list of reliable Internet sources for translators and effective search strategies for translation equivalents.

    Architektura bankowych witryn internetowych a percepcja i retencja informacji. Results of the Eye-tracking Study. Results of the Eye-tracking Study This article presents the results of the eye-tracking study into the perception and retention of Results of the Eye-tracking Study This article presents the results of the eye-tracking study into the perception and retention of information presented on the websites of three banks.

    The aim of the study was to determine web usability, measured on students of the Institute of Anthropocentric Linguistics and Culturology. Due to continuous cultural and historical development, a translational solution can never be final. At the same time, there is always and inevitably also the potential of a further improvement: maybe one will find an even better formulation later on.

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    The holistic nature is important in this process. Schleiermacher [ 6 ], p. The meaning of a text is more than a simple addition of the single words and sentences. Holistic pre-understanding guides this textual analysis. A critical reflection , finally, is necessary when we try to achieve a responsible translation which gives a loyal presence to the source text and is also geared towards the conditions of comprehension in the target addressees. Translators should be aware of their social and cultural position, whether and how they might motivate the decision for a certain formulation based on factual criteria.

    This hermeneutical approach is also a basis for translation in the field of law. They do specific research—either on translation theories or on legal systems. And the relationship between both the concepts—law and translation—is somewhat unclear at first glance. We might split it up into two questions: 1 Where is translation in the field of law? Law according to its purpose is a system of social convention defined by social agreement and legislation that regulates the orderly living together of people within their culture. It has been created and developed in history.

    All aspects of life—dealing with offence and crime, trade, family affairs, administration, education, etc. The fields where such rules apply are both national and international. And there is also supranational law. Furthermore, today there is global interaction in the field of business and commerce, and formation of hybrid societies due to migration.



    That means that in one country as a political entity there might live persons with divergent legal worldviews as a result of which different concepts of law confront each other. What we can do at first is to compare legal systems. Comparative law is an important field of research today and it focuses on the differences in legal concepts [ 7 ]. At first sight, the human values seem to be the same for all peoples in the world: Internal peace , justice , status of persons , public order , freedom of speech and of religion , fair trade , recognized education , punishment of crimes , etc.

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    However, the respective ideas are not identical everywhere, and their legal treatment is different, according to the cultural and political background. The difference between existing legal systems is mainly visible in the central concepts regarding those values. The link between both areas of research—comparative law and translation studies—is the fact that law is set down, handed down, and interpreted within texts, by language. This is the link to other questions regarding translation. There are texts in various fields of law, such as civil, criminal, trade, administrative, family, international, European law, etc.

    We find a so-called legal language here, and the translator will approach texts with a double perspective: regarding both law and linguistic features. Although there are many obstacles to overcome in the translation of legal texts, translation is possible.

    Übersetzung von Rechtstexten (German Edition) Übersetzung von Rechtstexten (German Edition)
    Übersetzung von Rechtstexten (German Edition) Übersetzung von Rechtstexten (German Edition)
    Übersetzung von Rechtstexten (German Edition) Übersetzung von Rechtstexten (German Edition)
    Übersetzung von Rechtstexten (German Edition) Übersetzung von Rechtstexten (German Edition)
    Übersetzung von Rechtstexten (German Edition) Übersetzung von Rechtstexten (German Edition)
    Übersetzung von Rechtstexten (German Edition) Übersetzung von Rechtstexten (German Edition)
    Übersetzung von Rechtstexten (German Edition) Übersetzung von Rechtstexten (German Edition)
    Übersetzung von Rechtstexten (German Edition) Übersetzung von Rechtstexten (German Edition)

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