Backwoods Home Magazine #119 - Sept/Oct 2009

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It was both interesting to me — and I felt was important to everyone — to both understand how to do things for yourself and to understand how freedom worked. John Silveira, my friend since age 20, was an important element of this mix, as he had the intellect and research ability to write the critical freedom articles.

The backbone of BHM has always been, and is today, the how-to article.

George W Bush

The magazine has for many years had a consistent circulation of 41,, of which approximately 36, is subscription and 5, newsstand sales. The economic troubles of late and led to a substantial increase in visits to its website. The print version of the magazine was discontinued in and was only available on Amazon Kindle. The ad has been copied repeatedly, and inspired an internet meme as well as the film Safety Not Guaranteed.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article relies too much on references to primary sources. Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Baby powder or corn starch avoid talc as it can cause other problems 9. Mucinex or Mucus relief — to clear lungs of congestion to prevent pneumonia Electrolyte replacement powdered Gatorade or similar product, or Sea Salt Saline solution — for eye rinse or wound cleansing Carmax lip balm or chapstick Mouthwash rinse Dental Wax — for anyone with braces Dental Floss Floss threader for those with braces, bridges or hardware in their mouth Iodine — for cleaning and prepping the skin Antacid Tums, Rolaids, etc.

Baking soda Calamine lotion Diarrhea medication to stop it, not give it to you Household ammonia Hydrocortisone cream. Hydrogen Peroxide — to cleanse wounds and disinfect Alcohol — spirits — whiskey use as a disinfectant wash Insect sting swabs or Meat Tenderizer for insect bites Tea Tree oil works very good Oil of Cloves — for dental pain aka Clove Essential Oil Sugar or glucose solution or sugar candy Syrup of Ipecac — to induce vomiting purge the stomach Book: Nurses Drug Guide. Emergency and Other Items to Consider 1. Cell phone and charger that utilizes the accessory plug in your car dash 2.

Emergency phone numbers of all family, friends and contact information for your family doctor and pediatrician, local emergency services, emergency road service providers and the regional poison control center 3.

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Small, waterproof flashlight and extra batteries 4. Candles and matches for cold climates — when making a fire ignite it from a candle not a match. Flint and Steel fire-starter.

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Always have a backup method to start a fire. Mylar emergency blanket 7. First-aid instruction manual — such as Herbal First Aid and Health Care, by Christensen — personally I have several that cover many different aspects of health and first aid. Plastic bags and large garbage bags for the disposal of contaminated materials 9. Safety pins in assorted sizes Paracord — 50 to feet. Or other strong cord or rope. Copies of important family documents Whistle Ear plugs A good hat for everyone Maps of the area and a compass Clear Plastic sheeting to cover windows if they break in an earthquake and extra Duct tape Good multipurpose knife and Scissors Work Gloves Glue — Gorilla glue, wood glue and Super Glue Extra Contacts, Glasses and Reading Glasses Repair tools — screwdrivers, wrenches, vice grips, etc.

Herbal Formulas to consider 1. Immune Boost — used for infectious illness, feverish illness or a general immune system boost. Colon Cleanse — an excellent herbal laxative that assists with elimination while building tone and strengthening the colon. Colon Detox — used to deeply cleanse the colon, for diarrhea, used as a drawing poultice, for stings and bites. Use internally for food poisoning. Digestion Aid Formula — for indigestion, upset stomach or gastritis. Any type of wound healing.

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Lungs Plus formula — for asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, any respiratory problem. Deep Heat oil or ointment — for sprains, strains and muscular pain. Also relieves earache only use if eardrum is NOT ruptured. CTR Syrup — used internally to speed the healing of any injury where tissue has been disrupted or damaged.

Improves health, energy and vitality. Use daily to avoid illness while improving health. Kidney-Bladder Formula — for urinary tract infection, incontinence, general edema swelling or kidney and bladder concerns.

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Liver-Gallbladder Formula — for any liver condition infectious or toxic , for digestive complaints. Nerve Calm Formula — for nervous tension, irritation, insomnia or panic attacks.

Herbal Anti-Septic Formula — to cleanse and disinfect wounds. Herbal Tooth Powder — for any teeth or gum infection or weakness. Tightens loose teeth. Herbal Ear Drops — used for earaches inside the ears as well massaged down the neck to milk congestion from the lymphatics. Used also for external glandular swelling or cysts. Herbal Mouthwash — for gingivitis, pyorrhea, and mouth sores.

Female Balance Formula — for any hormonally related female condition. Anti-Plague Syrup — for any infectious condition that can result in death the plague. Use to boost and stimulate the immune system. Herbal Snuff — for sinus congestion Herbal Eyewash — cleans and disinfects use a few drops in eyecup of pure water. Single Herbs to consider 1. Cayenne tincture — used to stop bleeding, for shock and to increase circulation 2. Cayenne powder — for bleeding, shock and circulation 3. Milk Thistle powder — for liver protection against poisoning Tylenol, mushrooms, etc.

Lobelia tincture — relaxant, anti-spasmodic, for asthma bronchial dilator , an emetic. Peppermint essential oil — for digestion, opens the lungs and sinuses. Tea Tree essential oil — topical anti-fungal, anti-bacterial 7. Oregano infused oil — sublingually used for anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, immune builder. Clove essential oil — topical pain reliever for teeth or mouth sores. Lavender essential oil — topical anti-bacterial, for insect bites. Garlic infused oil — for ear infections, topical anti-bacterial, anti-fungal.

Slippery Elm bark powder — soothes digestive upsets, for colitis and irritable bowel.

Issue #117 of Backwoods Home Magazine. May/June, 2009

Castor oil — used topically as a fomentation to relieve and reduce pain, inflammation, growths and swellings. Crystalized Ginger or Ginger capsules — used for motion sickness, dizziness, nausea, indigestion or taken for cold hands and feet. Yarrow tincture — for fevers Plantain tincture — for bites, stings, or skin irritations Mullein tincture — calms and soothes digestion Fennel tincture — for gas or bloating. What did I miss? Of course, we could list the whole hospital, but suggest any obvious item we can add. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases, or replaces the services of a competent health care provider.

This program has not been evaluate or approved by the FDA. By all means listen to your body and use common sense.

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Compiled and Revised by Dr. Monistat or other feminine yeast infection cream 2. Witch Hazel or Prep H 3. Visine Regular Eye Drops 4. Visine Allergy Eye Drops 5. OraJel 6. Aamens Itch Powder 7. Flexible Drinking Straws 8.

Eye Dropper 9. And for the little ones: 1. Diaper Rash Cream or Corn Starch 3. Tagged as disaster , emergency , medical , storage. Catch, Kill, Cook, Eat! No, Mr. Caveman were fit because going out for dinner meant chasing large animals around savannas, or stalking small animals through the bush.

All this chasing and stalking burned more calories before a single meal than most modern carnivores burn in a week at the gym. In addition to being fatter and lazier than Mr.

Backwoods Home Magazine #119 - Sept/Oct 2009 Backwoods Home Magazine #119 - Sept/Oct 2009
Backwoods Home Magazine #119 - Sept/Oct 2009 Backwoods Home Magazine #119 - Sept/Oct 2009
Backwoods Home Magazine #119 - Sept/Oct 2009 Backwoods Home Magazine #119 - Sept/Oct 2009
Backwoods Home Magazine #119 - Sept/Oct 2009 Backwoods Home Magazine #119 - Sept/Oct 2009
Backwoods Home Magazine #119 - Sept/Oct 2009 Backwoods Home Magazine #119 - Sept/Oct 2009
Backwoods Home Magazine #119 - Sept/Oct 2009 Backwoods Home Magazine #119 - Sept/Oct 2009
Backwoods Home Magazine #119 - Sept/Oct 2009 Backwoods Home Magazine #119 - Sept/Oct 2009
Backwoods Home Magazine #119 - Sept/Oct 2009 Backwoods Home Magazine #119 - Sept/Oct 2009

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