A Young Man’s Guide to Life

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Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Start your review of The Young Man's Guide. Aug 03, Mohammad Ali Abedi rated it it was ok Shelves: must-read-books-the-essential-m. Let me tell you about this book.

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Released in , it was a book aimed at young men on how to live a better life, involving things like how to improve as a person, how to entertain yourself, and so on. If the author, William Alcott, was somehow transferred to , his heart would have exploded out of his chest. Alcott also dedicates a large portion of the book to masturbation. From what I can tell, masturbation is massively evil, not only does it lead you to other vices, but it also has a long range of diseases that are caused by it AND it will eventually lead you to an insane asylum.

In his Wikipedia page, it says he wrote books. He was too busy writing books and being bland and because God is the coolest cat ever, he gave the guy lung infection. Hah hah.

View all 3 comments. I stumbled upon it by accident, downloaded the free Kindle edition and found it quite interesting. The author gives various advice on young men's lives, pretty much any topic you can imagine: from marriage to being neat, on how to behave in society, get an education, run a business, but even such advice as how many meals to eat thorough the day. While some of the ideas are old-fashioned like the eating--only three times a day; we all know that five times a day is the "correct" way approved by nutritionists and many of them are based on Bible and word of God, I found so many points interesting and still very up-to-date.

It's true I skipped some parts of the book, simply because they were boring, but otherwise the writing was easy to read and felt quite fresh. Recommended especially if you're doing some research. I wish that I had been given this book before I entered college, started my first job, or even got married. Some of the advice in this book is pure, unadulterated gold, and I heartily recommend it for any young man looking for advice on how to conduct himself in life.

I should be more courteous and gracious, but this particular version is abridged and the book doesn't mention that anywhere. Hardpass and buy the full version. Jan 25, Harry rated it liked it. A temperance movement guy giving advice to young men on things like marriage etc etc, kinda boring but useful advice. Jan 28, Alxandra rated it it was amazing.

I read the Kindle version from Project Gutenberg. The transcription is quite good with very rare errors. All of them provide fascinating insight into the turn 19th century. But, I was delighted to find this book provides more concrete examples and suggestions and covers information on how to conduct business, politeness, and choosing a wife. The book is heavily Christian based which is not surprising given when it was written.

The somewhat flowery advice in his books for ladies is skipped for bluntness in this book, although he does refer to masturbation as 'the solitary vice'. I thoroughly enjoyed a glimpse into turn of the century advice for young men. Jan 04, Bhupesh Doda rated it really liked it. I read this book because it was written a long time ago which gives a very good insight into the culture American and little bit European.

But more than that for readers especially young i mean in their teens will probably learn a lot from this book and ironically for 21st century young man in their 20's they will not benefit much from it as i think they are already ruined :P,but i believe its never too late to learn some few mantras of life which makes your life less miserable.

In I read this book because it was written a long time ago which gives a very good insight into the culture American and little bit European. In general if you a are confused if your girlfriend can be a good wife b or you are setting up a business c or need some manliness tips then this a book for you. I do not recommend this book. I thought it would have some interesting things to say though it's years old , but most of its suggestions are severely outdated and meaningless in the modern era. The only quality advice it gives is "What man has done, man can do.

Apr 23, Jaymason rated it liked it. This book had plenty of good advice for a man just starting his life; However, it is dryer than an alum block. The first part of the book is easy to read, but once you're halfway through you'd prefer it just ended. Please sign in to add review. Customers who bought this product also bought. Drop items here to shop.

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Baltimore Catechisms. Stationery Sets. Holy Souls Book by Father Lasance. Customers who viewed this product bought. No man should ever even begin to seek marriage until he is fully prepared to be a provider for his future wife and children. The women you seek should fully embrace the teaching found in the passage above. No part of it should be uncomfortable for them. Some men may be able to provide for a family and therefore can marry in their late teens or early twenties because they enter a lucrative skilled trade or family business.

Others may have to wait till their late twenties or early thirties after they finish college and then spend several years in their career before making enough to be the provider God has called them to be.

A good example of those who would have to wait much longer are doctors and lawyers as it takes them almost a full decade to be firmly established in their careers. So how does God want you to handle your unmet, yet God given sexual desires during this waiting phase of your life? The answer is one word and it is an uncomfortable word for some while others have been taught it is a sin. And that word is masturbation. The scriptures condemn lust, not masturbation. And then we must understand how the Bible defines lust verses how we define it today. Romans teaches us that lust is not mere sexual arousal or sexual fantasy, but it is in fact covetousness as defined in the 10 th commandment.

It is not a sin for you as a young man to be sexually aroused by or even have sexual fantasies about women. It is not even a sin for you to masturbate to such thoughts or images. Lust, in the Biblical sense, is when you think about or desire to entice a woman into having sex with you outside of marriage. And a big part of avoiding sexual temptation before marriage is to set a boundary for yourself that you will never be alone with a woman that is not your wife or your blood relative.

You cannot hope to find a wife by simply sitting around and waiting for one to fall from the sky.

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  • Use all resources at your disposal and do not limit your search to only your local area, but look nationally and globally. And yes, if you look outside your local area it will require a lot more money for travel. So, start saving. Dating leads to relationships based on emotion rather than compatibility. The Courtship process helps protect a couple from the temptation to have premarital sex while at the same time allowing parents the ability to offer an objective analysis of the compatibility of the couple. Pray daily that the Lord provisions a beautiful sweet Godly wife.

    Pray for a wife you can bless and for a wife who will bless you. Trust in Him that He will do it. Easier said than done. Regarding a man being able to provide for a wife and family before he marries. This seems unreasonable. Many successful Christian couples marry while the husband is young mid 20s , and still progressing in his career but not fully there yet. And prior to the 20th century marriages happened young, when the woman was maybe 18 and the man Certainly not when he was at his peak earning years. This causes infertility problems in women, and sexual sin in men.

    I believe that for Christian couples marrying in their mid 20s is ideal for our modern world. Obviously, I agree that men should have a career path before they marry. But waiting until they are established is too long. My wife and I remember with fondest our early years when we had no money!


    Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!

    Actually I think no money in the early years of marriage strengthens the bond, if both partners are true Christians. Abolt, First — In regard to the other message you sent me, I must approve all comments manually before they appear, unless I approve you as a regular commenter as I have some people. Second — It is not unreasonable to expect a man to provide for his wife before taking one.

    This was the expectation of men throughout the history of the world, yet all of sudden in our modern world somehow this is now impossible? I think not. It is only because of our expectations regarding standards of living and all the materialism we see around us that we think this way.

    A Young Man’s Guide to Life A Young Man’s Guide to Life
    A Young Man’s Guide to Life A Young Man’s Guide to Life
    A Young Man’s Guide to Life A Young Man’s Guide to Life
    A Young Man’s Guide to Life A Young Man’s Guide to Life
    A Young Man’s Guide to Life A Young Man’s Guide to Life
    A Young Man’s Guide to Life A Young Man’s Guide to Life

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